Rishi Raj Software engineer Working at the intersection of C++ & Python

Achieving true parallelism for pure Python functions in CPython

This article goes over concurrency & parallelism concepts in the context of Python, covering Python internals & demystifying GIL. Finally, we go over an example of achieving true parallelism for Python functions, by getting rid of the limitations imposed by GIL in Python 3.12.

GSoC 2018: The final dash

As the end of GSoC 2018 approaches, I have been adding few remaining features from the proposal and polishing the rough edges of my project. Here is my week by week progress for last few weeks and the plan going ahead.

GSoC second phase and Europe tour

This phase was full of ups and downs for my project. Despite having a great start to the second phase, things didn't go great in the later part of the second phase. Continue reading to find out more.

GSoC first phase progress report

It has been a great month for my GSoC project. I was able to complete much more than what was decided to be done by the end of this phase. I have got most of the basics of the project done, from running periodic tests to showing current results and graphs for historic compliance status.

GSoC Week 1 & earlier: Annotation processing and UI design

This week mostly consisted of laying the groundwork for the project. The key highlight in that arena was implementing a custom annotation processor. I also managed to get the add credentials page done.

About my GSoC '18 project: XMPP Compliance Tester

My GSoC project involves making a web application to check for compliance with XMPP extensions. In this post, I explain all about this project.

How I got selected in GSoC 2018

I got selected by Conversations.im for Google Summer of Code 2018 for the project XMPP Compliance Tester. An article about the journey so far and the key takeaways.